We provide all services related to classic and demanding motorization, in particular:

Comprehensive renovation

We use our expertise to make sure that your car interior is restored to its former glory and is in an excellent condition achieving uncompromising quality. We disassemble the vehicle, regenerate parts, blast the body, perform bodywork and paintwork, assemble all vehicle systems and upholstery. We combine traditional craftsmanship techniques with modern methods, guided by attention to every detail.

Classic car service

We perform maintenance and repairs, restoring the splendor of the classic cars belonging to the most demanding clients. Our group of specialists repairs the drive, brake and electric system so that the customer can enjoy his classic car during the season. We prepare cars for summer journeys, but also secure them for the winter months.


We can strip and restore the car interior from the bottom up, fitting and binding new carpets, installing new panels and door cards, rebuilding seat re-upholstery and head linings.

Our workshop offers upholstery services such as:

- trimming gear knobs  , hand brakes, armrests

- trimming steering wheels

- trimming headlining and side panels

- reupholstering car seats

- trimming carpets


Old paint layers are removed in a special blasting chamber, where material and effect-specific blasting techniques are employed (in some cases manual and chemical blasting is in use). The body is devoid of all layers, which enables for meticulous inspection of the body as well as scheduling the scope of the proper steel body works. The whole car body and chassis are covered with a reactive primer to protect them for the needs of future works

Space frame for chassis

Before starting the actual sheet metal work, the disassembled and cleaned body is mounted on a space frame. Here, with the use of digital technology, a number of checkpoints is set in accordance with the car manufacturer's data. These activities make it possible to detect curvatures or deviations of the body even by tenths of a millimeter from the factory data, which are the result of previous collisions or improper bodywork repairs. This process enables us to accurately and properly repair sheet metal. During this stage, 3D scanning can be carried out in order to obtain the dimensions and shapes of damaged sheet metal elements so that it is possible to precisely prepare repair elements, the so-called repairs.

Scanning and 3D printing

At the request of the customer, it is possible to do the final scanning of the restored vehicle, using 3D technology. Owing to this, we acquire a detailed digital map of shapes and measurements of the car in its original state. It is a kind of insurance policy for our customers, who use their vehicle actively. In case of a car damage due to a collision, once we receive the description of the scope of damage and photos, we are able to prepare necessary replacement elements of the body and chassis, without the need of bringing the car to our workshop. This allows for a quick and very precise preparation of replacement elements, which facilitates and simplifies future repair work and shortens its time. Moreover, it is cost-effective.

Premium and exotic car service

Car joinery

Tuning and detailing